Types of emails we send

There are several types of emails you can receive from Key Bridge including notifications, account information, and marketing communications.

Notification emails

You can choose to receive some or all of your activity notifications via email. Notification emails can include:

  • Your own activity such as registrations, tickets and feature requests
  • Updates and resolutions of tickets you created or are watching
  • Activity on call signs and other licenses that you use or are watching
  • Other system activities, alerts and notifications that you have requested
  • Security-related activity on your account

Use the settings panel to configure which types of email updates you'd like to receive.

Account emails

You will receive receipts for all billing and transaction activities at your account's primary email address.

Marketing emails

Key Bridge occasionally sends these types of marketing emails:

  • Tips and tricks for getting started with your account
  • Customized information about new service components and features
  • Newsletter and other subscriptions
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