Spectrum Sensing Platform (SSP)

A distributed and programmable sensing platform for observation and measurement.

Real world spectrum situational awareness in real time

The Key Bridge spectrum sensing platform provides automated real-world measurements of your operating environment. SSP seamlessly integrates different sensors under a common administration framework to provide comprehensive spectrum situational awareness at your fingertips.

Intent programming framework

Key Bridge SSP provides high-level, service-centric interface that focuses on what should be done rather than how it is specifically implemented.

  • Abstracts device complexity from applications
  • Compiles into distributed device configurations
  • High availability, scalability and performance

SSP Intents are a service-centric programming abstraction that reduce application complexity. Intents describe device-agnostic behavior with persistence, predictability and repeatability across a distributed and heterogenous sensor constellation.

programming framework

Distributed sensing platform

The spectrum sensing platform supports any network-aware, digital radio frequency sensing system. Sensors connect over any standard TCP/IP network for near real-time measurement – within a building, city-wide, or across an entire theater of operation.

  • Open APIs for automated sensor recruitment
  • Easily integrate 3rd party hardware
  • Efficient edge processing and data reduction

Includes standard interfaces to communicate with any sensor platform via hardware specific drivers. Device specific drivers report capabilities, behaviors and availability and translate command, configuration and data exchange.

distributed architecture

Open processing and data

Describe your desired result and let SSP do the work. For unique or complex analysis just specify the raw data you want and SSP will stream it to you.

  • Open APIs for rapid customization
  • Easily integrate 3rd party software and hardware
  • Process data locally or in the cloud
  • Quick results for instant troubleshooting
  • Long term collection for trends and study

Spectrum data is automatically time stamped and geo-tagged at the RF sensor. Combined with local and cloud internal storage and persistent configuration, the platform supports many different uses, from real time to very long baseline analysis.

development platform

Plug-in sensor architecture

The SSP supports legacy and new sensor products from different suppliers via standard programmer interfaces and dedicated device drivers. Key Bridge has a growing list of protocol drivers supporting most major spectrum analyzer suppliers.

  • Standardized programming abstractions
  • Client-server architecture
  • Intuitive, easy to learn API
  • Run tasks in the cloud or locally

SSP also includes compiler and tool-chain to interact with any sensor device that supports standard configuration interactions modeled via YANG, JSON or XML data representations.

plug-in sensor

Available and ready for service

SSP is an ITU-compliant spectrum monitoring solution that readily support operation in any communications environment including unreliable, intermittent and slow communication links. Ease of use and extensive automation produce consistent, reliable results for amateur and professional users alike.

  • ITU-compliant spectrum monitoring system
  • Cloud data processing or direct streamimg
  • Intercept, identify, measure and locate signals
  • Multichannel and multipath DF
  • Real-time for fast measurement and prototyping
  • Intuitive and easy to learn
standards compliant

Spectrum sensing platform

A distributed and programmable sensing platform for observation and measurement.

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