Spectrum Access System (SAS)

A flexible cloud native platform for dynamic spectrum access.

Simple adoption and integration of spectrum sharing

Our API-driven, cloud native NFV / vRAN model allows service providers to readily integrate SAS capabilities and applications into their service delivery network, support new functionality, and respond quickly changing market dynamics.

Agile development, onramp and adaptation

The Key Bridge SAS platform provides high-level, service interfaces and software contracts that allow developers to focus on what should be done rather than how it is specifically implemented.

  • Model-driven end-to-end service life cycle
  • Contract-based programming interfaces
  • Well documented libraries and micro-services
  • Standard protocols for multi-vendor coordination
  • Certified coordination and coexistence engines

Check out our services directory for platform extensions, microservices, utilities and device drivers.. This list of available extensions keeps growing with each platform release.

onramp and adaptation

Cost effective spectrum sharing

Dynamic spectrum access significantly reduces up front capital costs for network operators, and our open reference design allows a gradual, controlled development and introduction of SAS capabilities.

  • Invest early in service delivery
  • Defer spectrum acquisition costs
  • Match spectrum inventory with service demand

SAS software modularity enables rapid service prototyping, feature development, field testing and efficient operation of dynamic spectrum dependent applications. Operator can easily integrate third party features and customizations. Key Bridge works with the entire supply chain to help customers focus their investments on service delivery over research and development.

Cost effective

Distributed, scalable processing

We use software defined networking principles in a telco-ready architecture for distributed mobile network frequency administration coordination and control. Federation, aggregation and efficient protocols enable massive scale while placing minimum load on mobile control plane infrastructure.

  • Seamless geographic partitioning and routing
  • Federated data grid for efficient load balancing
  • Recursive, hierarchical routing with local control

Our highly efficient coexistence algorithms ensure spectrum inventory where it is needed, matching real-time supply with actual demand for an improved customer experience and time-to-revenue at minimal cost-per-session.

scalable processing

Support legacy and new devices

Key Bridge abstracts device characteristics so that the core system can support many different device configuration and control protocols. Key Bridge has an extensive and growing list of southbound protocol support including NETCONF, TL1, SNMP, CLI, RESTCONF, DCAAP, PAWS, CBRS and more.

  • Plug-in support for legacy and new devices
  • YANG compiler for new device onboarding

SAS also includes compiler and tool-chain to interact with any radio device that supports standard configuration interactions modeled via YANG, JSON or XML data representations.

new devices

Future proof modularity

The SAS platform enables private mobile networks by network slices provisioned with only the required service functions. With Key Bridge you can support Enterprise, MVNO and M2M users from a shared spectrum inventory and without overbuilding the network and providing each customer exactly what they need, when and where they want it.

  • Patterns for automation & control
  • Plug-in support for legacy and new devices

Key Bridge provides standard northbound abstractions that streamline complex RF coordination and enable automated service orchestration. Easily build and run your applications “on-system” using our native interfaces, or “off-system” with REST APIs.

Future proof

Certified and available today

The Key Bridge SAS is tested and certified for operation in multiple frequency bands across multiple national jurisdictions.

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Real-time for spectrum planning and study
  • Multiple sharing and coexistence strategies
  • Reference implementation path loss models
  • Sophisticated policy-based parse and processing
  • Multichannel and multipath support

SAS is a government tested and certified spectrum administration solution that provides frequency coordination in the most complex technical and regulatory environments including TV white space, millimeter band, CBRS and others.


Transform into a dynamic mobile service provider

Software defined spectrum consumption changes the game for wireless service providers. It enables you to deploy faster, reduce costs, and better compete in a fast-moving industry. Key Bridge can help transform your wireless business with dynamic spectrum access.

  • Cloud native efficient
  • Distributed, automated virtualization
  • Multiple use without overbuild
  • Web scale to 1003
  • Deploy faster from months to minutes
  • Reduced cost-per-session
  • Lower cost and TCO; Capex and Opex
  • Fully automated operation
  • Independent logical networks
  • Fine grained policy controls
  • Reusable microservices
  • Lightweight footprint
  • Fully virtualized solution
  • Continuous integration support
  • Support Enterprise, MVNO, IoT, Broadcast and Consumer
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