Feature rich

Open platform features

The Key Bridge platform, an operating system for dynamic spectrum access, provides scalability, high performance, high availability and extensible features that make it the perfect choice for today's wireless carrier and tomorrow's SDN/NFV/vRAN solutions.


Virtually unlimited replication and partitioning to scale the control plane where capacity is needed.

High Performance

Performs to the exacting specifications of government regulators and the largest network operators.


Fault tolerance and 1:N redundancy provides availability required for mission critical networks.

Device support

Add and configure traditional or new devices and services with real-time frequency coordination.

Robust and fault tolerant

Resilient and robust

Wireless network providers require high availability control systems to minimize network downtime. Key Bridge systems are designed from the ground up to support the most demanding operating requirements. Key Bridge includes has multiple strategies to ensure reliable access to spectrum resources.

Software modularity ensures functions are well defined and localized through carefully defined abstractions and interfaces. This has many important benefits, from easier software development, test, and maintenance to inherited fault isolation and operational redundancy. Most importantly, it also allows partners to easily add custom features without impacting system robustness.

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