Key Bridge logos and usage

There is one “corporate signature” for Key Bridge — the logo. The official logo is the primary identification of the corporation. It consists of the Key Bridge mark and a name in lower case "keybridge", all combined and spaced on one horizontal line.

The Key Bridge mark may be used independently where the name association is obvious from context.

You are welcome to:

  • Use the mark or logo to link to Key Bridge
  • Use the mark in social buttons to link to us
  • Use the mark or logo in a blog post or news article about Key Bridge
  • Use the mark or logo to advertise that your product is integrated with or powered by Key Bridge

Avoid the following:

  • Use the mark or logo for your own product or service
  • Create a modified version
  • Integrate the mark or logo into your logo
  • Sell any Key Bridge artwork without permission
  • Change the colors, dimensions or add your own text/images

Contact us

  • If you want to use other Key Bridge artwork
  • If you want to use these images in public media


Please do not name your project or product to imply Key Bridge’s endorsement.

Contact us if you do want Key Bridge's endorsement.

Trademarks and Terms

The Key Bridge name, mark and logo are trademarked. These assets represent Key Bridge, our products and services and may not be used to represent your company, your products or your services.

Key Bridge®, Key Bridge Wireless®, the Key Bridge mark and the Key Bridge logo design are exclusive trademarks registered in the United States to Key Bridge Wireless, LLC. All rights reserved.

No adaptation or use of any kind of any of our registered trademarks or copyrights, or any other contents of this website, is allowed without the express written permission of Key Bridge.

For more information please contact us.

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